Pantograph Ideas

Here are just a few of the many pantograph designs I can do on your quilt top.  I have a large variety of themes- feathers, leaves, novelty, Christmas/winter, animals, etc.  These are just some of the more popular ones.  See my page on how to prepare your quilt for quilting before bringing your quilt in.

Animal Crackers  Ribbit

Unicorn  Planets

Trains Spider webs

Baseball  Dragonflies

Kokopelli  Breast Cancer and Hearts

Hearts  Feathers I

Fay Feathers   Feather Meander

Feather II  Feather III

Nemesh Feathers Grande  Christmas Ornaments

Leafy Swirl  Harvest Winds

Holly Swirl  Snowflake I

Maureens Maple  Ornamental Leaves

Star Dance  Star Sparkle

Dancing Snowflakes