All About Longarming Services

    In Stitches would be happy to finish your quilt for you with the use of our long arm machine.  Turn around is fairly quick- 6- 8 weeks at most.  Up to 12 weeks during peak holiday seasons.  We have dozens of pantographs to chose from or custom quilting depending on the pattern of your quilt.  The cost for the majority of pantographs are .025 per square inch of quilt.  So, for example, if you have a queen sized quilt that measures 90"x 100" your price would be about $225.  If you have the same sized quilt that needs custom quilting, the price starts at .03 per square inch, or about $270. I have done very intricate work for many clients and those prices can go as high as .05/sq. inch.  Very simple pantographs are billed at .020 cent per square inch so the price would be $180. You decide how much quilting you want and the price you are willing to pay.  Thread, batting and backing are extra.  If you need extra work done, like piecing the back or applying the binding, extra charges are incurred.  We can help you decide what type of quilting your quilt may need.  Not all quilts are candidates for custom quilting- it depends on the fabric print and style of pattern.
   The backing fabric should be at least 3"- 5" wider and longer than the quilt top all the way around so I can stretch it on the frame.  We have a variety of 108" wide goods available for quilt backing if you don't have anything available.  Pieced backings are discouraged- I don't mean a couple seams that are from piecing 44" wide fabric together, I'm talking about someone who thinks it's a good idea to make a double sided quilt with another quilt on the back. Sorry, but not something I am willing to tackle.  Please make sure your backing is squared up because I put the fabric on zippers and I need straight edges.  Also, make sure your backing is pressed and not all wrinkled.  If you pre-washed the fabric for the top before piecing, your backing should be washed before quilting as well.  Seams should be pressed to one side during construction.  Open seams can split if the larger long arm needle should hit it just right.
     Batting can be any type you like as long as it's not the cheap poly puff from Walmart or Joanne Fabrics.  That batting is to be used for craft projects and not a quilt.  You put all that time, money and effort into making the quilt top, you want the bones of the quilt to be of good quality.  We carry Quilter's Dream batting in cotton, poly, blend, wool and a puff.
     Binding is usually applied by the customer but we do apply it to the front for a fee.  You can hand stitch it at home after you pick up the quilt.
     Extra fees would be thread (we charge by the bobbin), any extra pressing that has to be done, applying binding or a rush fee.